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#1 2019-04-09 10:16:47

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Using TunSafe with TCP

TunSafe supports a TCP mode that tunnels the normal WireGuard UDP packets over TCP.

This does not work with regular WireGuard but you need a TunSafe server running on Linux.

On the server, put this in the config file, in the [Interface] section, right below ListenPort: ListenPortTCP = 12345

On clients, prefix the Endpoint with tcp://, i.e. Endpoint=tcp://

Obviously, this port needs to be mapped through NAT in home routers etc. TunSafe does not add any UPNP port mappings.

Additionally, packets over TCP can be obfuscated. To enable this, in the [Interface]-section on both clients and the server, set ObfuscateKey=RANDOM_KEY. It's important that it's the same otherwise they won't be able to connect.

The TCP obfuscation can work in different modes. It can either look like just random binary data, or look similar to a TLS handshake. This is an attempt by bypass packet inspection. Use either ObfuscateTCP=tls-chrome or ObfuscateTCP=tls-firefox to enable obfuscation that looks like TLS. Put this in the [Interface] section on both the server and client.


#2 2019-11-01 10:06:31

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Re: Using TunSafe with TCP

TunSafe Very good, but TCP efficiency is really bad, I have a stable delay in UDP mode and no packet loss, delay after using TCP is unstable, and there are a small amount of packet loss, the local network is very good, but I can not use UDP mode.;) produces


#3 2019-12-03 14:36:11

em sh
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Re: Using TunSafe with TCP


Is tcp module available for mobile device?
So I can connect using tcp in android or ios

Thank you,


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