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#1 2019-10-11 13:34:44

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Changes regarding our VPN service

Hi all.

I need to provide a 2 weeks late update regarding the VPN service. (sorry for that)

We have made the decision to scale down the VPN service. It feels sad considering how fun it has been to code a backand version of TunSafe and to see the WireGuard userbase grow. However, now the maintainance has reached a point where it requires more time than I can allocate to it. For me, this has created a negative stress that has become unsustainable and affects how I feel.
I have tried to come up with a way where it can continue to exist as is, but where we can get relief in the form of maintenance, customer support, managing accounts, funding, etc., but I have not come up with any solution that is realistic given the nature of the service and the security that must be guaranteed.
The only realistic solution would be to start a "VPN Company" that runs the VPN service, get an office, and hire people. However, that's something that does not interest me or ludde.

What this means in concrete terms is that we shut down all nodes located outside US and the Netherlands.

We will keep the nodes in Netherlands that we started with. They will be free, anonymous and follow our privacy policy, but the capacity will be reduced to the previous 10Gbit / s. We'll also keep a node in the US.

At the moment I write this the VPN service has exactly 2025424 registered peers. Many who are new users of the WireGuard protocol. Personally I think that's kinda awesome.

Thanks for the support while the VPN service has been growing.


PS: The development of the TunSafe software is not affected by these changes.


#2 2019-10-11 20:20:11

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Re: Changes regarding our VPN service

With over 2 million users, maybe it would be possible to keep more nodes based on funding from donations. That would free you from account management, and support could come from the forums. There seems to be enough technical knowledge on the forums to address most of the issues which arise. Users would understand that not all nodes will be available at all times, and the number of nodes would be based on current funding.

But even better than that, it would support the accelerated development and testing of the backend, and help bring WireGuard/TunSafe into the mainstream more quickly. If each user could donate 5 Euro, that would be 10,000,000 Euro to fuel the project!


#3 2019-10-17 07:32:30

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Re: Changes regarding our VPN service

Thanks for your information.

Is there any news about the development of the TunSafe? The latest version of the TunSafe is 11 months old, also I haven't see any new commits in the TunSafe Github page.


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