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#1 2019-01-11 16:36:39

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Allow traffic to local networks does not allways work

Hello, I'm using TunSafe for some time now and while it works great most of the time, I have problems with some applications that access the local network. Of course I enabled the "Allow traffic to local networks" option.

I use an Epson printer in my local network and I'm also able to ping its IP while having TunSafe connected. Unfortunately the corresponding application from Epson can't find the printer. This resolves by disconnecting TunSafe. Same is true for an application called f.lux that controls the Philips Hue lights I'm using. I can ping them, but f.lux can't find them.

Both of these applications have no option to specify an IP address. Instead I think they use some sort of local network discovery protocol to find the devices. Maybe this also have something to do with multicasting, which seems to be completely blocked, even in local networks.


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