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#1 2019-10-01 12:22:26

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Please help with the premium account

Hello Viktor,

I bought a tunsafe premium account in 1 October, but when I concentrate on paying the donation and I did not record the account number. I did not recall setting a login password during the payment transaction either. After the payment was successfully paid, I have no idea how to login the premium account on the vpn page 'https://tunsafe.com/vpn' due to I didn't record the account number and have no idea with the password.

Please check the payment of $9.99 in  1 October. The PayPal transaction number is 4US33242WB5137031, and receipt number is 0225-0560-4717-7311-9144.

Please help me with this problem. Looking forward to your response!

Thank you.


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