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#1 2019-05-08 09:01:21

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Which Linux OS should I use?

Hello everyone,,
I am a fairly computer literate person who has dabbled with programming. I used to be Windows but have been OS X for 7 years and I'm the last 3-4 have had several trips into terminal and love the power of it.

So I am looking at https://showbox.bio/ https://tutuapp.uno/https://vidmate.vet/ wanting to learn to use a Linux Distribution as deeply as I can to run, maintain and modify to my will. I have looked at the common ones but am looking for advice. I will only be running as a VM for the near future to learn so it's about what best for learning.

Also can you advise any material to read?

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#2 2019-05-12 08:18:44

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Re: Which Linux OS should I use?

I'd suggest you take a look at CentOS, it's by far the best, in my opinion, it's free and open source and built from Red Hat code. I've used it for the past fourteen years and in a vSphere environment and never had problems with it, there are also plenty of tutorials and articles on the internet for you to read.


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