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#1 2019-04-27 11:12:29

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Official WireGuard Windows Client?

Has WireGuard released a Windows client yet? I've checked their website and I don't see one anywhere and I'm very curious as to why. I would think a Windows client would be a top priority as it would immediately cause adoption to skyrocket.

Have the creators of WireGuard indicated if a Windows client will be open sourced? Is there a private group that one can join to test this? Any timeframe in mind?

Also, I've seen TunSafe, but it would appear that WireGuard is indicating users to not use TunSafe (as seen via WireGuard's mention to not use any Windows client, as well as the many links demonstrating friction between the TunSafe author and WireGuard). Is there any concrete reason as to why?

I'm very excited at WireGuard's potential, and I'd like to utilize it in deployment, but I'm having a lot of difficulty understanding the current state of a Windows client. Please advise!

Thanks in advance all, I appreciate it!!

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#2 2019-04-27 15:53:44

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Re: Official WireGuard Windows Client?

The last thing I heard was that WireGuard would release its own Windows client last summer. But I'm not up to date with that project.

I recommend you to read some independent sources and form your own opinion about TunSafe, which is open-source.



#3 2019-05-02 20:53:15

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Re: Official WireGuard Windows Client?

Jason announced on the WG mailing list that a Windows client is now in the works. TunSafe isn't the only 'non-official' client any more (not that there's any such thing, one is a FOSS protocol and the other is a FOSS client built using it). Cloudflare made a Rust implementation for their upcoming 'Warp' VPN service, though Cloudflare, too, declined to work alongside Jason and the project as they wanted to keep everything in-house and private (closed source?). Give it a year and things should look very different for Windows. For now, stick to the better OS and run Linux instead. tongue


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