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#1 2019-03-15 12:20:25

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Handshake never succeeds

OS: Windows 10, a bit of a relatively old version

[19:12:43] Loading file: C:\Program Files\TunSafe\Config\TunSafe-us-ny.conf
[19:12:43] TAP Driver Version 9.21
[19:12:43] Blocking standard DNS on all adapters
[19:12:43] Added Route  =>
[19:12:43] Added Route  =>
[19:12:43] Added Route  =>
[19:12:43] Sending handshake...
[19:12:48] Retrying handshake, attempt 2...
[19:12:54] Retrying handshake, attempt 3...

Other noteworthy things:
I noticed the installer prompted me to install the TAP Adapter but the number of adapters that I have did not increase due to the fact that the adapter was already installed previously by another program that I am using but I ensured that I have no other VPNs active while using Tunsafe

Not sure if the supposed route is but I think the reason why was used instead was because I have a program always actively listening on

Any suggestions to diagnose and try solve this problem?


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