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#1 2019-02-28 09:39:28

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Tunsafe is using wrong gateway for IPv6

I can see that Tunsafe is using the wrong gateway for IPv6 so for example if the Interface Address is 2b00:7550:310:2::2/64 then Tunsafe will wrongly use 2b00:7550:310::1 when it should instead have used 2b00:7550:310:2::1. This means the route will be made wrong and i can't access any IPv6 from the tunnel.

Also the route is made i believe wrongly. in Windows it says :

::/1                     2b00:7550:310::1

but i believe it should be :

::/0                     2b00:7550:310:2::1

Notice the ::/0 and not ::/1.


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#2 2019-03-01 13:24:20

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Re: Tunsafe is using wrong gateway for IPv6

Try switching to DNS Watch servers: https://dns.watch/index

Before you try connecting run ipconfig /flushdns from an elevated command prompt to remove previous connection data.


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