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#1 2019-07-24 06:59:19

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tunsafe connects, but no packets passed

disclosure: i'm behind the GFW, which may or may not interfere with things. but another wireguard provider's service works on the phone, so probably it's not an issue.

tunsafe reports "connection established," but no data is passed. normally i use simpleDNScrypt, but tunsafe seems to default to google. (we should have options for this, but i don't think that's at the heart of the problem either. and i tried changing DNS in the config files to that it should be for simpleDNScrypt, but it doesn't help.)

[13:54:19] Loading file: C:\Program Files\TunSafe\Config\TunSafe-nl-ams1-v1.conf
[13:54:19] TAP Driver Version 9.21
[13:54:19] Blocking standard DNS on all adapters
[13:54:19] Added Route  =>
[13:54:19] Added Route  =>
[13:54:19] Added Route  =>
[13:54:19] Sending handshake...
[13:54:26] Retrying handshake, attempt 2...
[13:54:27] Connection established. IP

what gives?


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