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#1 2019-07-07 12:40:34

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Configuration error on win10 laptop

I saw similar config errors in this forum, but not using my setup, which is nothing special (win10 toshiba laptop, fritzbox router, vodafone modem germany, bridge mode, only IP4).

Logs in Tunsafe client:
[13:15:48] Loading file: C:\Program Files\TunSafe\Config\TunSafe-de-fra1-v1.conf
[13:15:48] TAP Driver Version 9.21
[13:15:48] SetMtuOnNetworkAdapter IPv4 failed: 5
[13:15:48] Blocking standard DNS on all adapters
[13:15:48] FwpmSubLayerAdd0 failed: 5
[13:15:48] SetMetricOnNetworkAdapter IPv4 failed: 5
[13:15:48] AddRoute failed (5)  =>
[13:15:48] Unable to add ipv4 gateway bypass route.

Config. file TunSafe-de-fra1-v1.conf (with keys crossed out) generated on Tunsafe Website:
PrivateKey = XXX
Address =

PublicKey = XXX
Endpoint =
AllowedIPs =

What could be the problem? Config works on my android smartphone...

Thanks, Herbert


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