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#1 2019-06-13 00:25:32

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Tunsafe connected but no internet access

With my current setup Tunsafe when I attempt to connect will say connected and say it created routes, but won't have any internet access.  I can see the TAP adapter show an unidentified network.  Server shows there was a handshake but doesn't seem to be receiving data.  Listening port is forwarded in router.

I'm unsure what I'm doing wrong or where to look next for the problem.

Server WG status:

mari@localhost:~$ sudo wg
interface: wg0
  private key: (hidden)
  listening port: 51626

peer: (Client's public key generated with generate key pair)
  endpoint: (My ip address):21841
  allowed ips:, fd42:42:42::2/128
  latest handshake: 33 seconds ago
  transfer: 1.14 KiB received, 1.44 KiB sent

And my config file:


# The private key of this computer. This is a secret key, don't give it out.
# To convert it to a public key you can go to 'Generate Key Pair' in TunSafe.

# The addresses to bind to. Either IPv4 or IPv6. /31 and /32 are not supported.
Address =

# Whether we want to bind a port to allow others to initiate connections to us.
# Please ensure this port is mapped in your router.
ListenPort = 21841

# Switch DNS server while connected
# DNS = 

# Whether to block all access to Internet that doesn't go through tunsafe.
# Note that Internet will keep being blocked even after TunSafe is restarted.
# Possible values (comma separated):
#  route - Blocks all traffic using null route entries
#  firewall - Blocks all traffic except TunSafe through the Windows firewall
#  on - Uses the default block mechanism
#  off - Turns off blocking
# BlockInternet = route, firewall

# The public key of the peer. Do not use the private key here. Use the 'Generate Key Pair'
# function in TunSafe to convert a private key to a public key.
PublicKey = (Public key generated using "Generate key pair")

# It's also possible to use a preshared key for extra security

# The IP range that we may send packets to for this peer.
AllowedIPs =, ::/0

# Address of the server
Endpoint = (Server's IP Address):51626

# Send periodic keepalives to ensure connection stays up behind NAT.
PersistentKeepalive = 25


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