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#1 2019-05-08 08:59:37

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Exclude Route or IP address

Hello everyone,,
TS team, Hello!

First of all, thanks for the great app for Wireguard VPN.

Secondly, is xvideos.onl/ xnxx.onl/chaturbate.onl/ there any way to exclude some routes from wireguard?

For example, I want to exclude ip adress from being tunneled. How it can be achieved?

In wireguard config I am allowing everything -

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#2 2019-05-09 13:49:58

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Re: Exclude Route or IP address

Hi Nigan,

Are you using TunSafe on a mobile device or in Windows/macOS? On a mobile device it's not yet possible to exclude by ip address.

On Windows/macOS you can not yet do it in the app, but you can do it manually by adding a route entry vid the command promt, running it with admin privileges

C:\Windows\System32\ROUTE.EXE ADD MASK X.X.X.X

X is your router IP adress



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